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March 04 2014

As for GMO? Rest assured, genetically modified foods won’t kill you either. GMO corn won’t cause cancer, but the stress you endure while you worry about it will raise your risk. (Tidbit: We owe a lot of the hysteria around GMO to British environmentalist Mark Lynas, who was at the heart of the anti-GMO movement. In January 2013, Mr. Lynas changed his mind completely and is now a staunch GMO advocate. Why? In his words: “Well, the answer is fairly simple: I discovered science, and in the process I hope I became a better environmentalist.” Amen to that.)
— David B. Agus. “A Short Guide to a Long Life.
Should you eat gluten free? Low carb? Vegan? Raw? Low fat? Follow Weight Watchers? In truth, it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy what you’re eating, your body seems to love it, and you’re not forcing yourself to adhere to an impossibly strict protocol that probably lacks certain nutrients by virtue of its restrictions
— David B. Agus. “A Short Guide to a Long Life.”
If a food product has to tell you that it’s good for you (with descriptions and health claims on their packaging that say things like “low fat!” “low in sugar!” “lite,” “cholesterol free!” “baked not fried,” “antioxidant rich,” and “all natural”), then it’s probably not very real. Think about it: in order for claims to be made, the food must be packaged somehow and pass some sort of test or criteria for the seal of approval. This means that the food cannot possibly be all that real and as close to nature as possible. Orange juice, for instance, will come with lots of health claims (“a full day’s worth of vitamin C!”), but the quiet, lonely whole orange sitting in a produce basket will do more for your health than an eight-ounce glass of fiberless fructose.
— David B. Agus.

Satya Nadella, Chief of Microsoft, on His New Role -

Q. How do you hire? What questions do you ask?

A. I do a kind of 360 review. I will ask the individual to tell me what their manager would say about them, what their peers would say about them, what their direct reports would say about them, and in some cases what their customers or partners may say about them. That particular line of questioning leads into fantastic threads, and I’ve found that to be a great one for understanding their self-awareness.

March 03 2014

Volvo and Apple CarPlay (by Volvo Cars)

I often say to students that a degree certificate or whatever proves only one thing — that you have the ability to learn. The ones who get noticed tend to be the ones who network really well, and have something to say for themselves.
A brand that is not noticed cannot be bought — Where the Puck is Going.. — Medium

March 02 2014

Never apologize for how you feel. No one can control how they feel. The sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. The rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. Feelings just are
 Iain S. Thomas, Intentional Dissonance (via piink-sugar)


Many adults believe that they have a sense of what’s “good” for teens—school, homework, focus, attention, and early bedtime— and many teens are acutely aware of how much society values such adult-oriented pursuits. But many adults are unaware of how social their everyday experiences are and how desperate teens are to have access to a social world like that which adults take for granted.
— danah boyd - It’s Complicated

February 28 2014

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A study shows when you’re alone and afraid (like when you’re watching a scary movie), you not only remember the brands around you more, you develop an increased emotional attachment to them.

(via Loneliness and Fear Boost Brand Attachment, Study Says - Businessweek)

February 27 2014

Everybody’s Doing It

"Peer pressure no longer exists because peers no longer exist"

February 26 2014

The Bill & Warren Show - July 20, 1998

Bill Gates:

Sometimes we do get taken by surprise. For example, when the Internet came along, we had it as a fifth or sixth priority. It wasn’t like somebody told me about it and I said, “I don’t know how to spell that.” I said, “Yeah, I’ve got that on my list, so I’m okay.” But there came a point when we realized it was happening faster and was a much deeper phenomenon than had been recognized in our strategy. So as an act of leadership I had to create a sense of crisis, and we spent a couple of months throwing ideas and E-mail around, and we went on some retreats. Eventually a new strategy coalesced, and we said, “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do; here’s how we’re going to measure ourselves internally; and here’s what the world should think about what we’re going to do.”

That kind of crisis is going to come up every three or four years. You have to listen carefully to all the smart people in the company. That’s why a company like ours has to attract a lot of people who think in different ways, it has to allow a lot of dissent, and then it has to recognize the right ideas and put some real energy behind them.

February 25 2014

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Advertising, it DOES sometimes work

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February 24 2014

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Life makes wrinkles

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This should be a sign on the wall behind my chair. 

FREE INSIGHTS. Grab a ticket. 

February 23 2014

Are the robots about to rise? Google's new director of engineering thinks so…

Language, he believes, is the key to everything. “And my project is ultimately to base search on really understanding what the language means. When you write an article you’re not creating an interesting collection of words. You have something to say and Google is devoted to intelligently organising and processing the world’s information. The message in your article is information, and the computers are not picking up on that. So we would like to actually have the computers read. We want them to read everything on the web and every page of every book, then be able to engage an intelligent dialogue with the user to be able to answer their questions.”

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